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Self-coaching as a way towards a less pessimistic outlook

When I sit down to think about what kind of thing, if anything, I am really, really good at, and then I mean absolutely above averagely good at, that's what I end up with.  Self-coaching.  Coaching myself to keep my spirit up when it goes down.  Coaching myself to try one more time, when I fail.  Coaching myself to get distracted so that my pessimistic thinking will fade away.  Coaching myself to look at the 'bright side of life', even when the odds are totally against me, and there seem to be little hope for a twist of turns.

I am pretty sure most people don't think of me as depressed, melancholic, nor pessimistic.  But deep down, at my core, from my early childhood, I was all of these things, plus a hypokondriak. Haha, no wonder I had to teach myself self-coaching!



For 6 years now I have taught a university course in Coaching and leadership.  This is a blessing for a person like myself.  In this blog, I will share some of the learnings and inspirations that I get from this class, from the teaching, from the students as well as the books and articles related to the course.  If you're inclined to be a bit pessimistic, just like i am, or if you  are closely tied to a person with such an inclination, you might benefit from reading these forthcoming columns.

Stay tuned!

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