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Being inspired by a guest lecturer

Yesterday, I had a guest lecture take responsibility for my Coaching and Leadership class.  As a internationally certified coach, she teaches 2 full days offered in this executive management course, and yesterday was her second day.

It was such an inspiration!  Not only for the students, but also for me.

The two of us have had such interesting conversations all along the process, when I booked her, during the planning process, and even driving back and forth to the university college, which is located an hour drive from Oslo where we both live.

                                                      Painting by John-John.

In the process I've come to realize how much I enjoy working together With someone to plan and execute a professional task, discussing the topics I teach, and simply being engaged in the process of Learning together With someone who is as enthusiastic about it as myself.

Too bad it is not possible to have a Professional partner most of the time, rather than just some of the time, or in actuality, hardly ever.

On the other hand, since it happens so rarely, it is even more fun, when a partnering experience turns out to be such an inspired happening.

How about you?  Are you fortunate to collaborate With other inspired individuals most of the time?  I am especially curious to learn how you found Your collaborative partners.   Would love to hear from you!

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