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 I talk With mental Coach Alf Inge Stiansen about personal leadership on  Leading Edge TV.    

I talk With mental Coach Alf Inge Stiansen about personal leadership on Leading Edge TV. 

I am an experienced

  • lecturer
  • speaker
  • facilitator&
  • media commentator     (My commenting on NRK regarding the likelihood that People will achieve their New Year's resolutions)                                                                                                                                                

comfortably working in English or Norwegian.  I have held talks for large audiences, such as 1000 people in Oslo Konserthus, for international audiences, such as for Women in Science in Brussels, or at W.I.N. in Geneva,  for medium size groups at highly professional companies like Accenture or DNV (Veritas), or for small groups down to 10-20 people such as a recent workshop in Change management for a department at SIV (Sykehuset i Vestfold), or a lecture about Women and Leadership for the Green Women's Network (Miljøpartiet).

I am very comfortable facilitating processes, group work, seminars, panel discussions and meetings on specific topics relating to my areas of expertise.

 During a talkshow taping With Management Coach Kari Marthinussen

During a talkshow taping With Management Coach Kari Marthinussen

The following are topics that I currently like to talk about:

  • Modern women and leadership
  • Being a modern woman, can be fun, exhilirating and exhausting.  Life doesn't always go as planned.  How can we be smarter as we move forward in our lives as modern women?  What are constructive role models and what influences should we beware of and stay away from? In this Speech I argue that being a modern woman has nothing to do With age, but everything to do With attitude.  And inspiring role models and helpers.   We take responsibility in building the future we want ourselves.  We work together to take leadership on Our own terms.
 From a recent lecture on Modern Women and Leadership on behalf of Leading Edge's Flying Friday

From a recent lecture on Modern Women and Leadership on behalf of Leading Edge's Flying Friday

In Scandinavia, we've certainly come a long way when it comes to equality for women in the workplace, and women's leadership is  apparent in all walks of life.  However, there is certainly more that can be done before organizations and businesses can be said to weigh women's voices and feminine perspectives on an Equal footing With men's.  In this talk, I am eager to share some of my personal experiences of the highs and lows having worked in this field for several decades. 

  • Leadership; up for grabs!

This speech argues that the leadership term is no longer contained in the hands of top leaders of nations and corporations, and that those who claim there is lack of leadership, might just have been looking in the wrong places.  Rather than putting a handful of people up on a pedestal and ascribing leadership responsibility to them, we should explore and honour more of the everyday kind of leadership that is going on in our homes, in schools and hospitals, and at the frontline of business organizations.   Examples of leadership applied by everyday people are given, and the main message is that if more of us claim the leadership opportunities that are up for grabs, positive changes can be initiated at all Levels of influence.

  • Leadership from a Norwegian perspective;  Key development from the past and competitive advantages for the future

It is not long since management has become a politically correct concept in Norway.  With Our egalitarian traditions and anti-leadership culture, the idea of focusing on leadership as a top-Down phenomenon has not appealed to Norwegians the same way as it has in the US or Asia.   In this talk I map out how the management and leadership field has developed within the Norwegian context, and show what assumptions about leadership underlie some key perspectives.  I further argue that the egalitarian perspective of treating all workers as equally important, gives Norwegian organizations a competitive advantage for the future.

  • Change management from a stakeholder perspective; How can knowledge workers become change agents and support leaders in their change efforts?

The focus of this lecture is turned to highly qualified personell who are not leaders, but rather leaders' stakeholders and even more importantly, representing an increasingly important group of personnel in knowledge based organizations.  For example, how can HRM staff in a hospital be encouraged to act as change agents and help increase the organization's capacity for change?  Why would it be beneficial for organizations to see knowledge workers as actual stakeholders in organizational and leadership processes, and in what ways may strategic leaders take more advantage of the input by various stakeholder Groups inside organizations? This talk is higly influenced by my PhD thesis, that looked at corporate leadership from an internal stakeholder perspective.

If you are interested in inquiring about my doing a talk, please contact my directly or via Foredragsformidling AS. 

email: irmelin.drake@usn.no; mobile: +4747910460;  instagram: @irmelindrake