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Scandinavian Leadership - Organizational change - Social innovation - Modern women

From a recent Conference where I first had a key note speech and then participated in a panel afterwards

I lecture and speak on topics related to Change Management, Coaching and Leadership,  Women and Leadership,  Women in Management, Scandinavian Leadership, Stakeholder Management, and so forth.  I do key note speeches, mostly lasting from 45 minutes to 1 hour,  or I lecture full day seminars and workshops, where the lecture is just one part of the learning process.  In addition, I set up processes that involve participants in various ways, enabling them topractice some of the learnings and skills related to the lecture topic.   

I am a frequent guest lecturer in Norway, and my goal for the NeXT few years, is to expand guest lecturing internationally. Previously I have held talks and speeches at several international Conferences, and I really enjoy lecturing in English.

These are some of my lecture topicsthe recent year (2015(2016):


  • What causes change in organizations, and why is change even more important when things are going great? 

  • Change management as continous, everyday practice. Taking small steps towards improvement versus radical leaps of fate. 

  • Appreciative Inquiry; a strength based approach to change.  Building on what already works and facilitating processes that enable all employees to make a positive difference.  

  • The Norwegian change management context.  Organizational change from the bottom up.  Involvement, shared leadership and learning as change makers.   

  • Leaders, change agents and employees who are sculpting the organization from within.   Why leaders should be teachers, facilitators, coaches and enablers, more than anything else. 

  • A stakeholder approach to exploring opportunities for change and improvement.  Why and how to get stakeholders involved in organizational change processes.
  • Social entrepreneurship and innovation in tomorrow's modern societies; sharing ideas, working across organizational boundaries and getting more out of less.  

  Positive approaches to change are fun, exciting and focus on looking Ahead!   

Positive approaches to change are fun, exciting and focus on looking Ahead!


  • Coaching; an increasingly popular concept, so what is it, really, and how can it be Applied at the individual, team and organizational Levels
  • The leader role and leadership; concepts that make a great pairing,  - except leadership should not be confined to leaders, but must be enacted by all employees

  • How to tackle difficult feelings, negativity and pessimistic thinking?  In what ways can anxiety be constructive?

  • Personal change and development;  self analysis and self-leadership processes


email: irmelin.drake@usn.no; mobile: +4747910460;  instagram: @irmelindrake