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Writer: Irmelin Drake
Genre: Personal biography, self-coaching, women and leadership
Language: Norwegian, for starter
Utgivelsesår: 2017


life as a 'modern woman' / a personal point of view

I have always thought of myself as a modern woman, but living up to this 'ideal' has turned out to be more than difficult.  In this book I explore some of the dreams and ideals which have shaped my life, and how I have come to appreciate how life turned out, rather than what it was supposed to become.

Why this book?

I wrote the book after I had turned in my PhD and immediately felt a surge to write whatever came to my mind, and that which felt important, fun and easy to voice.  The book is nontraditional in that it is a mix of light and easy with an academic undertone.  So, hurray, it does not fit any 'mould' and thus may prove to be really innovative (!)  My intention when I set out, was to self-publish this as an ebook, and I am now in the final stages of editing.  It's a book scattered with illustrative photographs as well as inspiring quotes and citations - and I can't wait to share it with you!

The book is divided into four parts;

Part 1.    Being a modern womanlife as planned versus life as it turned out

Part 2.    Difficult thoughts, feelings, and habits, and why living an interesting life is a better ambition

Part  3.    Getting inspired by role models, books, films or simply a sentence

Part 4.    Self-leadership, self-coaching, help from others and how life is getting better after 50


Irmelin(in Norwegian) about why she has written this book;

Jeg har vært en tenker og en samler av historier, refleksjoner, dagboknotater, faglige teorier og verktøy,  inspirasjoner fra filmer, bøker, sitater ol i hele mitt liv.   Samtidig har jeg lenge drømt om å lage bøker hvor jeg deler videre kunnskaper, inspirasjoner og erfaringer om det å være en moderne kvinne.  Jeg tenker at det er viktig å bidra til at det kommer flere stemmer og beskrivelser om livet bak fasaden, om hva det egentlig innebærer å drømme store drømmer samtidig som livet leves i nuet og ingenting går etter planen.

email: irmelin.drake@usn.no; mobile: +4747910460;  instagram: @irmelindrake