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 Photo: John-John  

Photo: John-John

In addition to my work as an Associate Professor of Leadership at HSN (University College of Southeast Norway), I have several passions that are relevant to this website.  I am also a writer, speaker, researcher and a social entrepreneur.   Over the years, I have initiated, conducted and managed numerous R, D & I Projects, especially addressing women and leadership from a management point of view.

My main topic areas are:

  • Women in management and leadership positions
  • Self-leadership and self-coaching
  • Change management, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Strategic leadership; a stakeholder perspective
  • The Social Construction of leadership and meaning making
  • Norwegian management &  The Scandinavian leadership context

But hey, what about my personal passions - you may wonder.  I am also a mother, a life partner (wife), a friend, a sister, a daughter-in-law,  a collegue, and much more - all of which engage me in important ways in my life.  I have always been inspired by life in my work, in fact I think I became a researcher in order to understand more of the things that happen in my life.

I have also always been very aestetically inclined, and have used visual effects such as photographs, video and film to communicate that which cannot be fully expressed simply by words.  On this site, I will share With you some of this - starting out by posting pictures and sayings (PICS), and adding on more live Expressions such as videoclips and film footage as the site develops.

Featured on some of these Pictures are my three children, Franciscus, Fanny Alexandra and Famme.  They are currently 21, 19 and 17 years old, and there are pictures from various phases of their lives.  I learn so much about leadership and other things relevant for my work from them, from each of them individually, but also from being in the group that a family actually is, from life With its ups and downs, twists and turns in the family, and from the role of being a parent and a mother.  Some of this I will also share With you on this site.

  On a trip through Europe, here in Venice, summer of 2013.  Fanny to the left, Famme in the middle and Francis to the right.  

On a trip through Europe, here in Venice, summer of 2013.  Fanny to the left, Famme in the middle and Francis to the right.

email: irmelin.drake@usn.no; mobile: +4747910460;  instagram: @irmelindrake