Dr.IrmelinDrake Leadership perspectives

Scandinavian Leadership - Organizational change - Social innovation - Modern women

Do you need someone to 'Bounce' Your ideas With, or someone to discuss a difficult situation, challenging problem, or what seems like a promising opportunity With?

What you will get from using me as a sparring partner, coach or advisor,  is honest feedback - and my ability to focus on the upside and /or downside of a situation, depending on what you need help With or what you would like for me to emphasize for you.

I have helped leaders, Professionals, Entrepreneurs and students get a clearer Picture of what is the most important in a problem situation, and to sort through various layers of variables and problem explanations to better decide which ones to tackle first.

I have helped Professionals, leaders and colleagues find the upside in a difficult situation, and equipped them With accessible self-coaching Tools that enabled them to move forward With strenght and confidence.

I have helped highly skilled Professionals and leaders who, all of a sudden. found themselves in challenging situations such as being out of work or being in the middle of a media storm, probably because I have been through some rough storms myself and know from experience that this too shall pass, but still needs to be handled With care, both personally and professionally.

I have advised hundreds of leadership students, writing case analyses based on problems from real life organizations and situations, helping them come up With possible solutions and describing how to move forward.

I have been an external advisor for students writing Research reports or proposals, providing a fresh look at what may be a fruitful route forward, when Things seemed like they had come to a halt, or even worse, seeming like everything had come to a dead end.

I have been on evaluation and selection Committees, assisting in recruiting highly skilled Professionals.

I have examined people's cv's and given them advice on how to emphasize their strengths in New ways.

I have responded to and played with an endless number of ideas for news business adventures and opportunities and helped establish numerous successful entrepreneurial Projects and enterprises.

In other Words, I have a very broad experience base, where I combine my Critical analytical skills With a positive leadership and coaching mindset to see any side of a problem situation, whether it'd be from a personal or Strategic perspective.

You can Reach me at Irmelin.drake@hbv.no or on my mobile: +4747910460 if you are interested in talking to me about a sparring/coaching assignment.  I work in English or Norwegian and via Skype or out of Oslo, Norway.

Hourly rates:

Personal sessions: nkr 1 000,-  no mva tax if only one hour.  Executive/business sessions: nkr 2 000,- plus mva tax (25%).

For booking of more than 3 sessions, rates are reduced by 10%.

email: irmelin.drake@usn.no; mobile: +4747910460;  instagram: @irmelindrake